Grabyo’s inaugural U.S insights event hits New York! – Grabyo

Grabyo’s inaugural U.S insights event hits New York!

We’d like to thank everyone who attended our first insights event for the Americas in New York this month.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended our first insights event for the Americas in New York this month.

Hosted at the vibrant Loft 29 in Midtown, the event played host to a number of stimulating discussions which looked at media consumption habits, growing a brand through video partnerships, the benefits of digital video production, how to reach digital native audiences and how to monetize consumption through digital-first programming.

The highlight of the evening was an insightful panel chaired by Mike Kelley, Grabyo’s President of Americas, with representatives from Snap, DAZN, and LaLiga. We were treated to industry anecdotes which reflected how impactful mobile and social-first content is to growing reach, by activating the vast digital audiences that are hungry for relevant content experiences across all the platforms they use every day.

Live and on-demand digital video are at the core of video strategies for publishers looking to grow their customer base. The panel discussed how broadcast organizations and media rights holders are creating new, often unique, viewing experiences on social media and OTT platforms to supplement linear coverage of programming. The panelists shared key insights into the value of offering live broadcasts and real-time clips to consumers to grow social engagement, brand awareness and drive traffic to premium services.

The interactive, real-time nature of social video, particularly live content, has fueled a rapid increase in viewing numbers, engagement and watch times – with the focus on engagement and relevance over video views a key theme of the discussion.

Grabyo New York insights event

Digital-first programming is a growing trend for many major media players, be it supplementary content for an event or stand-alone digital shows. Key partnerships are forming in this area which allows for the creation of quality content to satisfy the growing demand from the highly influential younger demographics.

We discussed how these trends impact workflows and why cloud-based video production is enabling digital teams to cut costs and maximize resources, by reducing reliance on traditional broadcast infrastructure.

The use of data was another fascinating talking point. OTT platforms and social video publishers are beginning to discover the power of alternate sources, such as social data, to inform strategies and identify issues with services more rapidly than ever before. The digital transformation of the content industry has evolved beyond the point of education and is a real focus for content and production teams.

We had great fun at our first event in the US and would like to thank all customers and partners that attended. We look forward to hosting many more in the future. If you have any questions about what we discussed don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at!