Grabyo: Cloud-based Video Production, Editing & Distribution


Fast, efficient sharing to social media platforms,
websites and apps.

Grabyo is designed for broadcasters, rights holders, publishers and brands, Try Grabyo and begin to engage your audience through live streaming and real-time video editing.

Live Production and Video Streaming

Broadcast live with a single click. Create digital broadcasts within a web browser. Switch streams, add graphics and insert highlights in real-time. Add unique interactive data visualizations, comments and polls from any web source.

Video Editing and Live Clipping

Create instant multi-clip highlight packages from live streams to ensure your content is seen first by a mobile, social and always-on audience. Live to VOD in seconds.

Social Publishing, Distribution and Monetization

Reach new audiences in an instant. Broadcasts live to websites, social platforms and mobile applications. Drive new revenues from digital and social video sponsorship, promotions and in-stream targeted advertising. Direct integrations with Facebook and Twitter for video monetization.



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