Live Video Editing and Highlight Clipping – Grabyo


Engage your audience with instant video highlights shared to your website, apps and social accounts.

Share instant highlights to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with live video editing.

  • Create live clips of key moments from your video streams in real-time.
  • Distribute social videos in horizontal, square or vertical format.
  • Add sponsorship and monetize via Twitter Amplify and Facebook Branded Content.
  • Collaborate with team members using shared editing tools and compositions.

Create multiclip videos and highlight reels in a web-browser.

  • Edit video packages and highlights in seconds.
  • Create multi-clip edits, compilations and sponsored videos.
  • Share clips across social platforms, websites and apps.
  • Insert VOD assets, sponsored content and mobile clips into your videos.

Live video editing Grabyo Composer

Produce mobile-optimized clips in seconds using crop and pad features and graphics.

  • Edit clips into square or vertical – perfect for Instagram Stories and Snapchat.
  • Overlay graphics and text onto videos for watching in auto-play without audio.
  • Crop and pad mode to add custom graphics and images for social feeds.
  • Edit video content anywhere and on-the-go with Grabyo’s mobile app (iOS and Android).

Create and share GIFs and images from live streams and VOD.

  • Publish GIFs in different speeds, aspect ratios and directions.
  • Add graphics, text and overlays to live GIFs.
  • Share directly to multiple social accounts and digital platforms.

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