Grabyo | Browser-based multi-platform live streaming and production


Produce TV quality live broadcasts for digital platforms. Drive audience engagement using data and real-time graphics.


Distribute premium, TV-quality live video to multiple social and digital channels.

  • Broadcast premium-quality live streams to Facebook, Periscope, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Share streams across multiple social profiles, pages and accounts.
  • Synchronous live streaming to websites, apps and OTT platforms.
  • Manage events from any location using Grabyo’s cloud-based platform.
  • Manage rights with geo fencing and demographic restrictions.

Produce unique, digital broadcasts in the cloud from any location.

  • Real-time switching of streams and feeds from multiple devices, events, locations and sources.
  • Add graphics and animated video graphics on top of the live feeds.
  • Insert VOD assets into the live broadcast, including live highlights, sponsorship and advertising graphics.
  • Enhance broadcast outputs using picture in picture, audio mixing and data visualizations.


Enhance live broadcasts using real time graphics, data and audience interaction.

  • Add enhanced graphic overlays and animations using standard design tools.
  • Moderate user comments from Facebook and Twitter and overlay them on your live output.
  • Show audience reactions and feedback in real time using polls and real time graphics.
  • Create web applications using live data that update and animate in real-time.
  • Overlay any web source or data layer on top of your live output – build TV-quality animations using simple web tools.

Remote production solutions for live streaming and highlights.

  • Streaming and delivery infrastructure provided via Grabyo, including encoder and video switcher.
  • On-site live production support and key resources using Grabyo partners.
  • Broadcast from any location using Grabyo’s cloud-based platform.
  • Enable remote teams to support the production using Grabyo’s browser-based production tools.



Support focused on the needs of our customers.

  • 24/7 customer help desk via the Grabyo website.
  • Hotline phone support for high profile events.
  • Live chat with the Grabyo Operations team on the Grabyo website.
  • Platform demos and training for users and partners.

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