Grabyo | Live cloud video production for digital, social and OTT platforms.

Collaborative live production in the cloud

Produce live broadcasts for digital, social and OTT platforms. Create unique and engaging viewing experiences, tailored for mobile, social audiences.

Flexible, digital-first production for live streams.

  • Real-time switching of streams and feeds (low latency) from multiple devices, events and locations.
  • Add graphics and animated video graphics on top of the live feeds.
  • Insert VOD assets into the live broadcast, including live highlights, sponsorship and advertising graphics.
  • Enhance broadcast outputs using picture in picture, audio mixing and data visualizations.

Broadcast anywhere, anytime.

  • Access your content and broadcast live from anywhere using a web-browser.
  • Broadcast premium-quality live streams to Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, YouTube and your own platforms.
  • Synchronous live streaming to multiple websites, apps and OTT platforms.
  • Support for local cameras and audio devices alongside broadcast feeds.


Create new digital-first viewing experiences.

  • Broadcast live in square and vertical, optimized for mobile devices.
  • Bring audiences into the live broadcast with live remote commentary and chat tools.
  • Moderate and show audience comments, reactions and feedback in real time using polls and data-driven graphics.
  • Create web applications using live data that update and animate in real-time.
  • Enhance audio only offerings with video, graphics and data to create a visual radio offering.

Maximize media rights and monetize content.

  • Create new content formats and shows that supplement existing media rights agreements.
  • Add sponsored graphics, branding and overlays during the live broadcast.
  • Live ad replacement and insertion for digital platforms.
  • Manage rights with geo-fencing and demographic restrictions.



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