Grabyo adds GIFs and image capture from live video

Create GIFs and images from live streams and VOD

Grabyo is delighted to announce its latest product update to Grabyo Studio – support for image capture and GIF creation from live streams and VOD uploads.

Grabyo partners can now create eye-catching GIFs directly from live video, sharing them instantly to multiple social accounts and digital platforms. Users will be able to edit the attributes of a GIF, optimizing playout for mobile and social viewing.

The release includes the option to choose different aspect ratios (horizontal, vertical and square) and the ability to select from seven playback speeds, with the option for forwards, backward or boomerang playback. GIFs can be up to 7 seconds in length.

GIFs have become an increasingly popular format to engage audiences across social platforms; they are fun, highly shareable and easy to watch due to their short length. GIFs are used for messaging too, with native support for GIFs on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Recently, rights holders and broadcasters have used GIFs as a way to showcase personality and branding, using short animated clips and image overlays to make content stand out in crowded news feeds.

GIFs created with a square (1:1) aspect ratio can be padded to include custom text and images. Square video can take up to 78% more screen on mobile device and adding text overlays is a quick way to create on-brand GIFs, instantly recognizable in social feeds.

This update will allow Grabyo partners to take real-time video distribution one step further by creating GIFs instantly from live broadcasts. Users can clip live moments from streams, quickly turn them into mobile optimised GIFs and share them across social platforms, without the need to export video to a third party application.

Image capture and support for still images within Grabyo Studio is also added as part of this release. This enables users to capture still images from live feeds and VOD files, add graphic overlays and text and share to social and digital platforms. The image capability extends the options available to content owners, particularly where media rights restrictions may prevent distribution of video content.

With an increased need to deliver short-form video to audiences, this update dramatically increases the speed at which premium, broadcast quality content can be turned into a GIF or image and shared across social platforms – providing audiences with a different viewing experience in real-time.

This release of GIFs to the platform is the first of many product updates planned for Grabyo in 2018. Please get in touch now if you want to simplify your GIF workflow and to enhance your digital video strategy.