Do it for the social: Grabyo adds Facebook Crossposting to its social media integrations

This week we’ve launched the ability to enable crossposting on videos published to Facebook using Grabyo. From today, you’re able to share videos to Facebook and allow other accounts to repost your video. You can also access consolidated metrics for videos published across multiple pages and publish content using original posts, rather than resharing. 

This integration streamlines the syndication of video content across your own brand pages and with sponsors and partners. Now you can crosspost easily in one place, without leaving the Grabyo platform. 

facebook crossposting

We’ve worked closely with Facebook to bring this workflow enhancement to our live clipping and publishing platform – as a preferred partner for many social media platforms, we’d like to walk you through all of our integrations with the world’s leading social platforms.

Facebook Crossposting and more

In addition to crossposting, we have a direct integration with Facebook that allows our users to post video content and live stream directly to the platform in any format.

Grabyo is also integrated with Facebook Branded Content, which allows you to tag sponsor partner pages in posts natively from Grabyo Studio, giving you the ability to easily monetize your content and offer added inventory for your brand partners. 


Our integration with TikTok enables you to share video directly to TikTok’s mobile app using Grabyo Studio and Editor. 

Once the video is uploaded to TikTok, your account managers receive a push notification on their mobile devices, at which point, they can make edits, add filters, music and overlay graphics to optimize the content for their audience.

Here’s how it works:


You can also post directly to Twitter from Grabyo, alongside live streaming to the platform. Our deep integration with Twitter includes in-stream advertising, which enables you to monetize content using open advertising or with sponsor partners. 

This feature also allows users to geo-target their ads on Twitter, with individual sponsorship program controls, ensuring you can run timely and relevant ad campaigns with a specific brand over an agreed time period.


Our integration with Instagram allows you to share videos directly to your Instagram feed. In Grabyo you can create vertical and square video optimized for consumption on the platform.


Due to our integration with YouTube, users can stream directly to the platform using Grabyo Producer and post VOD content using Grabyo Studio.

You can also ensure your IP is protected when creating content using Grabyo, using YouTube Content ID. Copyright owners can block a video from being viewed, monetize the video by running ads against it, track the video’s statistics and geo-block content to specific countries.


Our Twitch Player integration with Grabyo Producer allows you to bring in any Twitch Channel with ease and enhance the viewing experience through Grabyo.

This enables publishers to rebroadcast Twitch streams to multiple destinations, add broadcast graphics and insert VOD assets and adverts into the broadcast. Additional production features include adding remote commentators and guests, creating a unique experience across platforms.

Users can bring in multiple Twitch Channels and switch between each feed to create a ‘best of’ live show, featuring multiple live streams from players around the world. The broadcast can be professionally produced and personalized with live graphics and regional commentary using Grabyo Guest.

Additionally, this integrates with all other Grabyo functionality, ensuring users can publish clips and highlights from Twitch in real-time to multiple digital platforms and social channels.

Streaming via RTMP

Outside of our native integrations, you can also stream directly to any social or digital platform using custom RTMP.

We recently added a new one click broadcasting feature that allows you to restream live video to multiple platforms simultaneously, in one workflow. Read more here

We continue to work closely with our customers and partners to build features that enhance your video production workflows in the cloud. For more information, please get in touch

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