Grabyo brings key and fill graphics, custom transitions, assets snapping and PiP zone detection to live production in the cloud

We are delighted to announce a host of new feature upgrades coming to Grabyo Producer, our cloud-based live production platform. 

At IBC 2022 we debuted powerful new layout building tools including key and fill graphics, custom transitions, asset snapping and AI-powered PiP zone detection.

These new features come as part of our mission to reimagine live video production and build a more flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution for live broadcasting to all platforms and screens.

Here’s how it all works:

Key and fill graphics

You are now able to send streams with transparency into Grabyo Producer, which brings the opportunity to overlay animated graphics from popular graphics engines such as VizRT, Chyron LyricX, Ross XPression and others. 

This works by sending two separate streams into Grabyo Producer, one containing the graphic content (fill) and the other with the alpha mask (key). By configuring your graphics engine and adding timestamps to sync these streams, you can bring in any number of broadcast-grade graphics to your live productions.

Custom graphic transitions

We are also releasing the ability to upload and use broadcast-quality, custom graphics transitions with 3D effects. Once you have a transition you’d like to use, you simply upload it to Producer and it becomes available for use!

Asset snapping

Further to our recent layout building upgrades to Grabyo Producer, which include drag and drop positioning and cropping, we have introduced asset snapping. 

Snapping allows you to place assets, such as video streams and graphics, with pin-point accuracy in relation to one another. This upgrade enables you to create layouts more quickly and easily than ever before.

PiP zone detection

With the introduction of snapping, we have also harnessed the power of computer vision to bring further functionality to our layout-building tools. 

By setting picture-in-picture (PiP) zones or layout backgrounds using either transparent, red green or blue coloring, Grabyo Producer will now recognize these layouts and set snapping points for your assets. 

This enables you to create fully customizable layouts quickly and easily. Using our snapshots feature, you can then save your layouts for later use in your productions.

For more information, or to try these features for yourself, get in touch!

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