janda Productions to grow the reach of New Zealand TV Awards with Grabyo

janda Productions to grow the reach of New Zealand TV Awards with Grabyo

janda will use our cloud video platform to create and distribute real-time social video content.

We've partnered with janda Productions, owners of the annual New Zealand Television Awards, to increase the social reach of its 2019 NZTV awards show with real-time social video and influencer syndication.

janda will use our browser-based video production platform to clip, edit and share video clips from the Huawei Mate30 Pro New Zealand Television Awards to social media in moments. By providing live social video updates, janda will ensure the awards can be accessed from anywhere in the world by increasingly mobile-centric audiences.

The production company will increase exposure for event sponsors and raise awareness of the event with branded video bumpers, automatically added to clips distributed through our platform.

The annual NZTV Awards celebrate the best of New Zealand's TV industry

janda will also raise awareness of the awards by leveraging the social reach of New Zealand's finest television talent who will be in attendance.

Once clips are created using Grabyo, janda will share relevant branded clips with high-profile influencers at the event and encourage them to distribute across their own channels. By tapping into the social networks of actors, directors, and producers across New Zealand's TV industry, janda is able to reach a highly targeted audience with tailored video content.

janda Productions will use Grabyo Studio to clip, edit and distribute content to its social channels in real-time. Grabyo Studio is accessed through a web browser, only requiring a laptop and internet connection to use. The platform's intuitive tools reduce the cost and complexity of digital video production and distribution to all major mobile, social and online video platforms.