Grabyo | Real-time video clipping and live publishing

Real-time video clipping and live publishing

Create and distribute clips from live streams and VOD in seconds. Optimize video for multiple devices and platforms, accessible from anywhere through a web-browser.

Publish clips from live streams.

  • Create and share live clips of key moments from your video streams in real-time.
  • Distribute videos in horizontal, square or vertical format optimized for mobile devices.
  • Share to social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, Snap and YouTube.
  • Live stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and your own digital platforms website, apps and OTT services.

Create content optimized for mobile.

  • Create and share GIFs from live and VOD content
  • Add graphics, text and overlays to real-time clips.
  • Create clips, GIFs and images in horizontal, square and vertical formats.
  • Broadcast live in VR 360.


Monetize live content and real-time highlights.

  • Integrate directly with Facebook Branded Content, Twitter in-stream advertising and YouTube Content ID.
  • Tag sponsor/advertising partners across multiple platforms.
  • Add promotional bumpers and branded end-slates.
  • Promote OTT subscriptions and other services using real-time video.

Manage content from anywhere.

  • Accessible¬† anywhere through a web-browser.
  • Cloud-based, no software required or updated versions.
  • Team management tools for authentication and syndicated access.
  • 24/7 live support is available.

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