Grabyo Cloud Producer brings TV-quality production to live social video

Grabyo Cloud Producer brings TV-quality production to social live streaming

Grabyo is excited to announce the first version of Cloud Producer, the latest addition to our video production, editing and distribution platform.

Available now for select beta customers, Cloud Producer represents an important shift in the way social and digital video broadcasts are produced. Accessed through a web-browser, Cloud Producer brings real-time stream switching from multiple sources, locations and devices to the cloud, enabling producers to create unique, digital-first broadcasts for social platforms, websites and mobile apps – including innovative applications to engage fans and bring them into the broadcast experience on Facebook, Twitter and Periscope.


Create digital-first, live broadcasts from any device, anywhere

Video dominates social feeds. Viewers spend at least three times longer watching live video broadcasts on social platforms than VOD content; Cloud Producer provides the tools to create live broadcasts optimized for social viewing, activating vast digital audiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional production.

With the demand for social video growing exponentially and as consumers' expectations become more mobile, more visual, more immersive and more interactive, Cloud Producer brings together content from anywhere at anytime, to create live video broadcasts that drive awareness, interaction, tune-in, activation and engagement.

Cloud Producer in action with the CPL

The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) joined with Grabyo and Facebook Live to deliver a unique live offering for its 2017 CPL Draft. By using Cloud Producer, a remote team was able to manage and produce a live, TV quality broadcast – including the insertion of pre-recorded video segments and live draft graphics – from an event hosted in Barbados. Producer enabled the CPL to prepare for over 50,000 possible draft eventualities and overlay the correct graphic in seconds. The event was streamed on the CPL's Facebook page and through the use of live graphics to create a bespoke social broadcast, the CPL generated over 616,000 views and drew nearly 100,000 video engagements.

Caroline Smith, Head of Digital for Hero CPL said: "The Hero Caribbean Premier League were delighted to work alongside the team in Grabyo once again to create a unique, digital-first broadcast for Facebook Live. With over 2.45 million followers, we are proud of the Digital coverage we provide to our fans across the Caribbean and around the world. Using Cloud Producer to insert graphics overlays and pre-recorded VOD content in real-time helped create a top-quality and innovative live broadcast which extended the reach and appeal of the biggest party in sport to an established and new audience of followers and we look forward to building on that relationship for the months and years to come."


CPL macbook

Real-time, multi-location stream switching in a web-browser

Not held back by the cost and complexities of multi-location production, Cloud Producer brings endless possibilities to digital live production. Cloud Producer supports multi-device and location inputs that can be produced and switched in real-time to be published live to multiple social and digital platforms.

With the ability to overlay graphics and social interactions, Cloud Producer allows content creators the opportunity to quickly drive real-time engagement and interaction with audiences, enhancing the virality and conversation around the broadcast.



Unique, interactive, digital and social viewing experiences

Cloud Producer creates an efficient workflow for the production of live digital broadcasts, allowing the insertion of pre-recorded or archived content and sponsored content alongside live streams to create unique, interactive viewing experiences for both consumers and sponsors.

With Cloud Producer live content can be distributed across multiple territories using Cloud Producers ability to replace commercials and ad breaks with regional specific content. This ensures content can be served to the largest possible audience without cannibalizing current ad revenue or rights agreements.

We are excited about the future for Cloud Composer, a truly transformative product for Grabyo, confirming our status as the leader in cloud video production, editing and distribution. With future releases to include much, much more, contact or try Cloud Producer now to be one of the first to add cloud-based digital production to your digital video arsenal.