Virtual Emmys: The Television Academy doubles down on digital content with Grabyo

The Academy will leverage Grabyo to reach online audiences across the globe for the virtual awards night.

The Television Academy, organizers of the renowned Primetime Emmy Awards, is bolstering its digital content strategy ahead of the unique 2020 Emmy Awards telecast this Sunday with Grabyo, the leading cloud video platform.

While the television industry is going through a challenging period for live production due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Emmys will be fully virtual this year for the first time.

To be able to adapt to producing the event remotely while reaching its global fanbase, the Television Academy is doubling down on digital content, ensuring the 72nd Emmy Awards show will be available to audiences on every platform and device.

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The awards telecast will be shown live in over 30 countries, including in the US by broadcaster ABC. The Academy will utilize Grabyo’s cloud video platform to distribute near-live clips from the telecast to its social media channels and website, throughout the ceremony.

Delivering a multi-platform content strategy for live events is key to reaching an audience at scale. The Television Academy has retained the rights to publish online clips from the awards to ensure audiences have access to every moment as soon as it happens. During lockdown in the US, consumption of digital video has soared, especially on social media platforms.

Using Grabyo’s cloud-based platform, the Academy can ensure each clip distributed to social media is of broadcast quality. Its digital teams will use Grabyo to package and brand each clip as official Emmys content, to ensure fans around the globe are able to connect with the top moments in the show. Additionally, the Academy will use Grabyo’s automated closed caption feature for its content. A recent survey found that over 80% of Americans will watch video on social media with no sound.

The Academy’s digital team will be able to produce, manage and deliver content safely and remotely, with Grabyo’s platform accessible from anywhere with a laptop/PC and internet connection. The Academy’s digital team will work collaboratively in Grabyo for managing all assets as if they were in the same room.

The Television Academy will utilize Grabyo’s Studio platform to clip highlights instantly, then utilizing Grabyo Editor in post-production to optimize content and add branded graphic overlays and automated closed captions. This workflow will allow the Academy to produce TV-quality content rapidly for its social and digital channels.

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