Looking for a SnappyTV alternative?

No more SnappyTV? What's next?

Twitter has announced its plans to shut down its SnappyTV service.

The social media platform has notified partners that the live clipping and publishing tool will be fully deprecated by December 31st, 2019.

In its place, Twitter will add LiveCut to Twitter Media Studio. LiveCut is a Twitter only clipping tool and will not enable content sharing to other social media platforms, websites or mobile apps.

Social platforms have long since been the go-to destination for audiences to view real-time highlights, breaking news stories and key moments from live events and TV. Audiences are now multi-platform, multi-device and expect content tailored for each of those platforms. Different content works for different platforms. Publishers have adopted video publishing strategies to meet the specific nuances of each service; having a Twitter only video strategy is not enough for everyone.

The proliferation of content across social and digital channels has intensified the competition for consumer attention. The choice for what, where and how we watch is changing fast, but if rights holders cannot be the first to deliver content to their audiences, in a format they prefer and on a platform they want – If content is King, then distribution is now Queen.

By embracing a premium social video platform such as Grabyo as a SnappyTV alternative, users can share content, at the right time and in the right format, across the most popular social and digital platforms.

Grabyo supports a range of video formats, offers both live clipping and video editing services and provides a suite of live production tools to support new formats on social and digital.

  • Publish video, GIFs and images to multiple social and digital platforms in real-time, simultaneously
  • Optimize video content for each platform and every device – horizontal, square and vertical publishing
  • Share in the highest quality, 1080p 60fps available
  • Monetize across every social and digital platform

With Grabyo publishers accelerate video engagement, drive viral distribution and activate mobile audiences. Partnering with Grabyo enables broadcasters and rights holders to drive awareness, enhance fan engagement, generate new advertising/sponsorship revenues and grow their global audience by extending the scope of video experiences beyond the traditional TV broadcast schedule.

For more information on Grabyo and how you can seamlessly move from SnappyTV, keeping live and real-time video distribution in your workflow alongside a direct integration with your current Twitter Amplify deals, complete the form below and request a free trial today.



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