Grabyo adds Twitch Player and Channels to remote, live production suite

Grabyo adds Twitch Player and Channels to remote, live production suite

New update enables syndication and remote production features for Twitch streams within a live broadcast.

We are excited to announce a direct Twitch Player integration to our cloud-based live video production platform, Grabyo Producer. Users can bring in any Twitch Channel with ease and enhance the viewing experience through Grabyo.

The service enables publishers to rebroadcast Twitch streams to multiple destinations, add broadcast graphics and insert VOD assets and adverts into the broadcast. Additional production features include adding remote commentators and guests, creating a unique experience across platforms.

Users can bring in multiple Twitch Channels and switch between each feed to create a 'best of' live show, featuring multiple live streams from players around the world. The broadcast can be professionally produced and personalized with live graphics and regional commentary using Grabyo Guest.

Additionally, this integrates with all other Grabyo functionality, ensuring users can publish clips and highlights from Twitch in real-time to multiple digital platforms and social channels.

This upgrade to the platform comes at a time when broadcasters, rights holders and publishers are looking at new, remote ways to engage fans. eSports continues to be a huge area of growth for publishers and has remained unaffected by the recent cancellations and restrictions around major sports and live events.

As global sports, publishers and brands look to continue innovating their digital content to cater to consumer needs, the rapid shift to remote working will accelerate demand for new broadcasting services and cloud production. Audiences are rapidly shifting to online platforms for video and expect a broadcast-quality live experience, eSports is no different.

Grabyo Producer enables remote teams to create and distribute high-quality live broadcasts across all digital platforms, using real-time social engagement features, advanced graphic overlays and more. The service is browser-based and can be operated from anywhere, with just a laptop and a wifi connection. To be amongst the first to try Twitch Channel playout or to add it to your existing Grabyo account, please get in touch.