Grabyo enhances video rights management and monetization support for YouTube

Grabyo is delighted to announce our latest platform update to enhance our capabilities for rights management, security and content monetization.

This direct integration with YouTube Content ID allows users publishing to YouTube via Grabyo Studio or Producer to share content with pre-set YouTube policies attached. Policies are set up in YouTube’s Creator Studio and allow users to monetize, track and block content for videos they own the rights to.

Policies are a set of instructions for Content ID to handle content claims on YouTube. Enabling direct integration within Grabyo provides greater control over copyrighted material and protects rights. This allows you to block and track content providing flexible tools for rights management and analytics.

Utilizing Content ID within Grabyo enables you to block content from being viewed in certain territories, by selecting these countries in your YouTube policy you can ensure content is not shared or seen in these locations. Policies set on YouTube with regards to geo-targeting will have precedence over those selected in your Grabyo campaign settings, enabling granular control of your media rights across platforms.

Content ID also allows you to claim your content that is being used across other YouTube channels, ensuring you can monetize this content alongside any ads you are running on your own YouTube channel, a great way of increasing revenue from your video content.

Lastly, If you choose a track policy, you will receive YouTube Analytics, detailing valuable metrics such as watch time, traffic sources, demographics, audience retention, devices used and playback locations.

While policies cannot be created through Grabyo, practical use of policies (depending on media rights availability) provides an option to monetize your content across a global audience; YouTube has reported that through successful monetization of user-uploaded videos, partner revenue has been growing at 50% year-over-year.

With tools for Facebook Branded Content, Twitter In-Stream Advertising and YouTube Content ID, Grabyo continues to support our partner’s efforts to protect and monetize content across social and digital media. To see how Grabyo can simplify and drive additional revenue for your digital video workflows, please get in touch at

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