Grabyo adds Snap as a publishing platform for premium video content

Grabyo adds Snap as a publishing platform for premium video content

Grabyo is delighted to announce support for direct publishing to Snapchat using the Grabyo Studio video tools and Grabyo Mobile. This new feature allows users to publish real-time clips and highlights from live feeds or VOD uploads, directly to native Snapchat accounts in seconds.

Mobile video consumption continues to rise at a staggering rate. Now responsible for more than 85% of all web traffic, mobile video is the most effective way to reach and engage audiences at scale. Snapchat led the vertical video revolution that has led to the increase in consumption on platforms such as Instagram and the recent release of IGTV.

Grabyo provides tools that enable rights holders and publishers to quickly change the aspect ratio of live content to share in real-time across digital platforms. This means that content shot for horizontal viewing can be quickly converted to vertical video format – whilst focusing on the key action within the shot. Content is not wasted and digital production teams can dramatically reduce the time spent repurposing content for mobile feeds.

Once videos are shared from the Grabyo Mobile app to Snap, users will be able to make use of all the native Snapchat functionality and features such as filters, lenses and stickers, creating a unique version of broadcast quality clips for mobile audiences.

With an estimated 300+ million users globally and over 100+ million daily active users, Snap still remains an important channel for reaching, interacting and communicating with audiences. At the Hashtag Sports conference in June 2018, Blake Stuchin from the NFL said that Snap was the most popular publishing platform for the 2018 Super Bowl. Snap is particularly attractive for younger, more socially savvy audiences who continue to turn to Snap, Instagram and ‘dark social’ platforms such as WhatsApp and Messenger to communicate and share content.

With direct publishing to snapchat and multiple social and digital platforms, multi-aspect ratio video editing, GIFs and image capture, Grabyo continues to innovate digital video production for a live, mobile and social audience. Get in touch now to find out more.