Grabyo is delighted to announce its latest product update to Grabyo Studio – the addition of brand assets to square and vertical video, ensuring content is optimized for cross-platform distribution and mobile consumption.

Grabyo partners can now create and upload 'creative sets' for horizontal (16:9 / 2:1), square (1:1) and vertical (9:16) video clips. A creative set comprises pre/post bumpers and graphic overlays that are automatically added to a video before sharing through Grabyo Studio.

This provides users with a quick and simple workflow to publish and share branded clips to multiple social and digital platforms without the need to export clips to a third-party application.

Creative sets are a much used Grabyo feature and a fantastic way of integrating branded and sponsored content into video. With mobile video now responsible for over 85% of all web traffic this update ensures partner and sponsor content can be integrated across square and vertical video, increasingly popular viewing formats for mobile audiences.

These assets are uploaded once and can then be used by any member of your team to quickly add approved end slates and graphic overlays, ensuring a centralized and moderated approach to busy team workflows.

As audiences watch more video content on Instagram than before, this update also increases the speed at which branded content can be shared through Grabyo Mobile. Creating assets optimized for vertical consumption on Instagram is the best way to stand out and engage audiences at scale, especially through Instagram Stories.

This update also allows users to create multiple creative assets across different regions and territories, providing users with a quick way to repurpose content across markets.

Creative sets are a great way to not only work with sponsor partners and brands but also promote your own products, services and OTT platforms, including relevant CTAs and links.

Now with multi-aspect ratio graphic support, GIFs and image capture, Grabyo continues to innovate digital video production for a live, mobile and social audience. Get in touch now to find out more.

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