Product update: Grabyo Studio now supports picture-in-picture video trimming!

Product update: Grabyo Studio now supports picture-in-picture video trimming!

As part of an exciting new update to Grabyo Studio, we have evolved our picture-in-picture (PiP) capabilities. Users can now continually monitor a live feed outside of Grabyo Studio, ensuring no action is missed whilst using another browser or window.

This is an important workflow upgrade for busy digital teams who are managing multiple channels, platforms and feeds – allowing users to edit clips within Grabyo, monitor social media, or work on other projects simultaneously.


This update is part of Grabyo's core mission – to provide video production tools that empower digital and social teams to create, edit and distribute video content quickly and easily. Grabyo Studio's collaborative, browser-based nature enables almost any member of a digital team can pick up their laptop and begin producing content, making the most of any resources available.

Reducing the time it takes to create and distribute clips will help our partners be first to market with content, which is key in today's competitive market. Video monetisation through native social advertising, sponsorship or brand partnerships is such a lucrative market, where content publishers are creating entirely new revenue streams with social and digital-first content.

Today's audiences are watching across a variety of platforms and devices but share one common desire – for new, innovative and highly engaging content. PiP trimming will enable our partners to quickly create multi-dimensional video that draws online audiences and encourages longer watch times and engagement.

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