Grabyo | Video monetization, sponosorship and new revenues

Digital video monetization

 Create new revenues directly through social and digital platforms. Promote sponsorships, partnerships and drive OTT subscriptions.

Video monetization

Monetize live content and real-time highlights.

  • Integrate directly with Facebook Branded Content, Twitter in-stream advertising and YouTube Content ID.
  • Tag sponsor/advertising partners across multiple platforms.
  • Add promotional bumpers and branded end-slates.
  • Promote OTT subscriptions and other services using real-time video.

Enhanced digital/OTT promotion.

  • Add tune-in messaging and branding to real-time content for OTT acquisitions.
  • Create targeted, real-time digital ads using real-time content.
  • Broadcast premium content on social platforms to drive traffic to OTT platforms.
  • Use video to build custom audiences for paid media campaigns.



Maximize media rights and content.

  • Share video content to specific geographies based on user IP-location.
  • Territory white listing and black listing available.
  • Deliver live content to available region and territories on social platforms.
  • Use content scheduling and expiration tools to match media rights windows

Activate sponsors and partners.

  • Tag sponsor/advertising partners in real-time and live video.
  • Integrate sponsor branding into live broadcasts.
  • Create sponsored highlights in real-time for multiple partners across regions.
  • Cross post directly to sponsor pages, websites and apps.

Cloud based video tool

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