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At Grabyo, we focus on making capturing, sharing and discovering social video fast, simple and accessible everywhere. Today we have introduced an update that gives you even more control and greater flexibility for video production on mobile.

Content curation is a key aspect of digital storytelling and mobile video plays an important role here for social media. With our latest update, we put collaboration at the heart of your team’s activity by integrating Grabyo Studio with our mobile apps, allowing you to compile the best content in real-time, curate and moderate the best bits and share to your audience across multiple social accounts. Grabyo Mobile Studio allows multiple people to shoot, edit and share content from anywhere to a central account where digital production and social media teams control social distribution and messaging. Empower your team members to work together seamlessly to capture engaging, exclusive content on mobile to be shared with your social fans wherever they are.

social video platform for mobile

The flexibility and control provided by Grabyo mobile studio supports a wide variety of customer needs. Consider, journalists out-in-the-field capturing video on their phones from anywhere in the world when a story is breaking, sharing content back to the central editorial team to collate all of this behind-the-scenes content into a single campaign telling the story from multiple, unique perspectives across social media, websites and mobile apps.

Our latest client, LaLiga, is working with their teams and players to show what goes on outside of the 90 minute games each week. By enabling a simple, moderated workflow for the league, clubs and players, LaLiga enhance their fan experience as great content is shared more frequently, and at ease. “It was important to LaLiga to be able to provide fans and sponsors with the very best video content from a variety of teams and players involved in the league. We trailed a number of other systems but nothing came close to Grabyo in terms of its experience, capability and impact,” comments Ignacio Martinez Trujillo, Managing Director of Innovation and Global Development at LaLiga. studio_02 By 2018, video will represent 69% of all mobile traffic and already over 90% of Twitter’s video views come from mobile sources. Sharing video content has never been more important and Grabyo ensures that your team work flexibly, maintain brand and editorial control (and moderation) yet can go beyond the restrictions of a traditional video production environment – the ubiquity of smartphones drives this opportunity.

Watch Nelson Piquet Jr crash in the pitlane during the opening practice session #BeijingePrix

Posted by FIA Formula E on Friday, October 23, 2015

All the other key features of the Grabyo mobile app persist with this release – meaning verified social media users can still discover content from other social influencers, stars and celebrities and re-share this content with their fan base in seconds.

We look forward to your feedback on the exciting next stage of our mobile journey – if you want to get in touch please send us a message at