Grabyo introduces automated captions to browser video editing at IBC 2019

Grabyo introduces automated captions to browser video editing at IBC 2019

Our leading cloud video platform has harnessed AI to simplify video editing for digital teams.

At IBC 2019, we are bringing innovative AI enhancements to our browser-based video editing platform, Grabyo Editor, allowing users to add automated closed captions to video clips.

Social audiences expect video to be optimized for how they want to watch, and it is estimated that around 85% of video on Facebook is viewed without sound. A habit that is replicated across other major social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

However, conventional editing tools lack a seamless way to insert captions into video in real-time, increasing the time taken to publish clips online.

Using Grabyo Editor, digital teams are now able to quickly create and distribute captioned clips and social videos to all major social, mobile and online platforms from within one workflow, in real-time. Simplifying and reducing the time needed to transcribe and caption live video content.

Once a video asset is imported into Grabyo Editor, the platform uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) to transcribe the video, while users are able to work on their edit simultaneously. The captions are then made available to quickly edit using Editor's intuitive transcriber, ensuring the captions are accurate and ready for publishing.

Personalized content is vital for publishers trying to grow in new markets. Using Grabyo Editor, digital teams will be able to create and distribute clips with captions in multiple languages. This allows publishers to reach various markets with tailored content, increasing reach and engagement.

See more about how it works and what else we are bringing to IBC in our new video: