Grabyo partners with Flowics to enhance audience participation

Grabyo partners with Flowics to enhance audience participation

We're delighted to be teaming up with Flowics to further enhance the way digital and social teams can create interactive viewing experiences across multiple platforms.

The Flowics platform enables Grabyo users to create engaging visual experiences for live digital audiences. Using Grabyo Producer, our partners are able to overlay interactive graphics onto a live broadcast. Editors can incorporate real-time social content through live polling and comment displays, driving engagement and longer watch times.

Our partnership simplifies the way content teams can produce broadcast quality live shows for digital audiences from any location, at any time using a web-browser.

Video is the dominant medium for generating conversation. Engagement peaks when events are live – the need to produce unique, high quality live shows is vital in capturing digital audiences. Through this partnership, our partners will be able to create a more immersive viewing experience than ever before.

Producer's cloud-based platform enables digital teams to create broadcasts that are optimized for mobile and social viewing. The likes of DAZN, The English FA, AELTC Wimbledon, and the NFL have utilized Producer to deliver live, fan-first shows to multiple platforms. This partnership with Flowics will provide digital teams with even more tools to deliver innovative, audience-centric content.