Grabyo Value of Video Report 2020

Grabyo Value of Video Report 2020

Download our new report which looks at how global audiences are spending money on TV and video services.

The 2020 Grabyo research series surveyed over 13,000 people across eleven countries: the United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Thailand and Australia.

The study took place in January 2020. We studied a representative sample of respondents – varying in age, gender and income. The purpose of this study is to discover what really matters to video audiences today.

  • How will the streaming wars impact consumer perception of the TV and video industry?
  • How much are consumers willing to pay for online streaming?
  • How has the proliferation of streaming across entertainment and film affected the sports industry?

In this report, we explore the spending habits of consumers today, and which video services they expect to pay for in the future. We also look into the common traits of pay-TV customers, streaming customers, and cord-cutters. The report provides an overview of changing spending habits in the video industry and plots a potential course for the future. We hope you enjoy reading it!

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