Grabyo Sports Video Trends Report 2019

Grabyo Sports Video Trends Report 2019

Download our new report which looks at how global sports audiences are accessing video across TV, online and on social media platforms.

This is the Grabyo Sports Video Trends Report 2019.

Earlier this year, we surveyed 9690 people from across the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Australia. We asked about their video consumption habits and preferences.

We found that sport is the most popular type of content globally.

53% of consumers watch sport on a regular basis across the globe. Of this group, more than 45% watch sport more often than anything else. This represents 170 million avid sports fans in the countries covered within this study, and many hundreds of millions more in other territories around the world.

This report aims to demonstrate how sports publishers across the world can engage consumers who watch sports content the most often – the sports fanatics.