Grabyo Global Video Trends Report 2019

Grabyo Global Video Trends Report 2019

Download our new report which looks at how global audiences are accessing video across TV, online and on social media platforms.

The 2019 Grabyo Global Video Trends Report surveyed 9690 people across seven countries: the United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia.

We studied a representative sample of respondents – varying in age, gender and income. The study took place in March 2019. The purpose of this study is to discover what really matters to video audiences today.

Which devices are people using to watch video? Which platforms are most popular? How do consumers respond to video marketing?

In this report, we explore how different consumer segments behave across the video industry and where they are spending their money.

The report provides an overview of the state of today’s video industry and plots a course for its digital future. We hope you enjoy reading it!