Twitter Amplify launched in the UK with Grabyo in 2014. Today we are pleased to announce our latest update to Amplify enabling publishers to monetize video across Twitter. This release provides Grabyo partners with the ability to integrate directly with the latest Twitter Amplify program, simplifying the workflow to monetize near-live and real-time video content – straight from Grabyo.

With this update video clips created in Grabyo Studio can be monetized through either Open or Custom Amplify campaigns and can integrate directly with any existing publisher-advertisers deals created through the Twitter Ads dashboard.

Monetizing your video through Grabyo is a simple as checking a box before sharing video to Twitter. Grabyo partners remain in control of which videos are monetized and can select this on a per video basis. Twitter Amplify allows media companies and other content owners to run pre-roll video ads in front of their content.

Grabyo integrates with both Open and Custom Amplify.


Open Amplify

Open Amplify allows Grabyo users to monetize video content without the need for any existing publisher-advertiser arrangement. Simply create a clip within Grabyo, check a box for monetization and select a content category that best fits the video content from the Open Amplify drop-down. Publish the video and Twitter will automatically serve pre-roll ads against the videos when viewed on Twitter.

Grabyo users can select up to two relevant video targeting categories and blacklist inappropriate or competitive advertisers at a Twitter handle or content category level.

Custom Amplify

Custom Amplify allows Grabyo partners to sign advertising deals with individual brands or sponsors enabling them to add pre-rolls to video clips. After selecting the desired clip and choosing Custom Amplify, Grabyo will display all existing Amplify programs from your Twitter Ads account. Videos published to a Custom Amplify campaign will only include pre-roll ads from sponsors and partners from the selected program.


Through Open Amplify, Twitter works on a 70/30 revenue split in favor of the publishers. Advertisers only pay for views that are three seconds in duration and 100% in-view or clicked before three seconds, whichever comes first. This provides Grabyo partners with an effective method to begin immediately monetizing video shared through the platform. Using the Grabyo platform publishers can also extend Amplify to live streaming using the integration with Periscope Producer.

With this expanded integration between Grabyo and Twitter Amplify, Grabyo is excited to help our customers drive more revenue from social video content – including in-play highlights, VOD and archive. This new offering is now available in beta to select Grabyo partners – be among the first to begin monetizing video shared through Grabyo, contact us here – or request your demo account.

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