Facebook and Grabyo are changing the way our partners can publish branded content to Facebook.

Facebook branded content allows publishers to share content influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value. The new updates will now allow logos, watermarks, and graphical overlays to persist throughout a video. Previously, Facebook had prohibited these items from appearing in the first three seconds of a video – this also opens up branded content to non-verified Facebook Pages.

Many of Grabyo's partners utilize Facebook branded content to generate additional value and revenue streams from social video for sponsors and brand partners. This new update will increase the amount of exposure and options Grabyo partners can offer through social video for both live and non-live video.

FIA Formula E partnered with DHL this past weekend to deliver a branded content campaign for the Mexico City ePrix. Through Grabyo, Formula E was able to insert DHL overlays and post bumpers into real-time clips and highlights shared from the live race alongside a 'handshake tag' between both brands, creating a unique social video partnership.

Bad luck for @LucasdiGrassi as he's rear-ended by @Steph_Sarrazin #MexicoCityePrix

Posted by FIA Formula E on Saturday, 1 April 2017

Earlier this year, Grabyo teamed up with Race of Champions (ROC), an annual event that brought together the finest drivers in world motorsport. Using Grabyo, ROC efficiently integrated with Facebook Branded Content to create a real-time advertising campaign for sponsor Polaris and its Slingshot product.

The near-live video content featured the Polaris Slingshot brand prominently across Facebook, creating a ‘handshake tag’ on featured videos promoting the brand, alongside a Slingshot graphic appearing periodically during the videos. ROC was also able to add pre and post rolls to video to create awareness of the 2017 event.


facebook branded content

Live and real-time branded video content demonstrate the opportunity available to rightsholders to capitalize on the increased consumption of social video. This type of sponsored content relies on a rights holder's ability to maximize its social video inventory, publish clips and add sponsor attribution and graphics with speed and efficiency in real-time. It's the on-demand and viral nature of this video which presents the biggest opportunity for brands and advertisers – and where Grabyo provides value for many partners.

With more rights holders looking to increase the value of current distribution deals through social video, this change in the way Facebook operates branded content represents a huge step forward for both publishers and brands.

The Grabyo platform underpins this partnership, providing the speed and reliability of publishing that enables the world's leading rights holders and broadcasters to create, distribute and monetize content in real-time.

Grabyo is delighted to continue its work with Facebook and its branded content offering. If you would like to learn more about Grabyo please contact us here.

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