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Grabyo now supports Facebook Donations!

Grabyo is delighted to announce the support of Facebook Donations. Now Grabyo partners in the US can add a donate button to Facebook Live video content shared through Grabyo Studio.

Publishers, charities and nonprofits can collaborate to raise money directly through the addition of a donate button to Facebook Live posts. The donate button is a quick way for people to donate to nonprofits without leaving Facebook, making it easy for supporters to contribute through a one-page form on Facebook.

With over 150 million Facebook fans connected to nonprofits on Facebook, this donate button makes it easier for fans to use Facebook to raise money and awareness for their chosen nonprofits.

Simple Grabyo set up.

It is simple to add the donate button to any live video shared through Grabyo. Simply add the Facebook Charity ID of your chosen nonprofit and start broadcasting. This will automatically add the donate button to the bottom of the Facebook Live post. This feature is currently only available for live video and will also remain on the saved VOD.


One-page Facebook Donations.

After clicking the donate button, you will be sent through to a one-page pop up to finalize your donation amount and confirm your details. Currently you can donate via credit card payment or PayPal. You will then have a prompt to share your donation with your friends; each subsequent share will also contain the donate button, increasing the virality of the donation.

FB Donation

As a preferred video partner, Grabyo continues to support the latest innovations and integrations from Facebook. To be amongst the first to add the Facebook Donations button to your Grabyo account please contact or try Grabyo today to access our full suite of production, editing and distribution tools.