Grabyo & J-Stream to accelerate digital video production in Japan

Grabyo & J-Stream to accelerate digital video production in Japan

J-Stream will represent Grabyo across the country to help build long-term success for major broadcasters, publishers and online video services.

We have partnered with J-Stream Inc., Japan's leading streaming services company, to bring our powerful video production tools to broadcasters, publishers and online video services across the country.

J-Stream will help us to streamline and enhance video production workflows across the country. The flexibility of our platform will revolutionize the way digital teams produce video in the region.

J-Stream Inc. is synonymous with video streaming in Japan since becoming the first company to offer streaming solutions in 1997. J-Stream will work closely with our regional APAC hub in Singapore to support the long-term video strategies for new and existing partners across the country.

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This partnership comes at a time when production teams must streamline their workflows to keep up with consumer demand. Video consumption habits in Japan are rapidly shifting toward online and digital platforms. Broadcasters must focus on building sophisticated multi-platform strategies to reach consumers across the platforms they want.

Traditional production hardware and software has limitations that stop publishers from delivering agile and scalable live and real-time content. Particularly across the fast-paced worlds of live sports, news and entertainment.

Grabyo and J-Stream Inc. will help to solve many of these challenges. Our cloud based-tools are trusted by the world's major broadcasters and publishers in Asia and across the world.

The platform's browser-based tools ensure content publishers can create, edit and distribute video in real-time from any location, using only a laptop and internet connection. Live broadcasts can be managed remotely via the cloud, which enables digital teams to distribute seamlessly to digital and OTT platforms in seconds.

Toshio Ishimatsu, President of J-Stream, commented: "The Japanese media industry is on the verge of rapid change. With the start of full-scale simultaneous online streaming by television stations and the rapid increase in online distribution of video content, we believe Grabyo will be indispensable to Japanese media."

Our fully end-to-end lightweight video production platform that is the future of broadcast. Our partners are able to clip, edit, broadcast and share video to all digital and social platforms in moments, while our advanced editing platform also enables partners to create longer-form content rapidly.