Grabyo streamlines video clipping with event-based scheduling

Grabyo streamlines video clipping with event-based scheduling

We are excited to announce the latest product update to our leading cloud video platform.

We've added the ability to create time-based events within Grabyo, which simplifies real-time video clipping for always-on streams.

It works by allowing users to set specific time parameters for an event or program. The content of this 'event' will then be saved and easily accessible for rapid video clipping and editing.event-based video clipping from Grabyo

Scheduler is a key tool for managing a successful multi-platform content strategy. Now, digital teams can organize and maximize their archive of resources while delivering targeted content to multiple platforms.

Users will be able to create and distribute clips tailored to every online and digital platform in moments, regardless of when the broadcast happened.

Broadcasters and publishers with regular content segments will be able to set recurring events, which will streamline the process of video clipping and distributing content from a series of programs or shows.

event-based video clipping from Grabyo

Event Scheduler is the latest update to our leading live clipping service and enables digital teams to create, edit and distribute clips easier and faster than ever.

With the shutdown of SnappyTV at the end of 2019, if you're looking for a replacement tool contact us at to discuss how we can help you.