Social video production and distribution has changed. As broadcasters, rights holders and advertisers have come to embrace both live and near-live short form video, Grabyo has evolved to become the leading social video production, editing and distribution platform.

Today the first version of Grabyo Composer was released in beta for selected partners. Composer brings enhanced editing and production tools to Grabyo users – creating a simplified workflow enabling teams to edit, produce and distribute video packages and highlights in seconds.


Video editing: simplified.

Grabyo Composer simplifies social video production and editing, making it easy to create highlights, multi-clip edits, compilations and sponsored videos for social and digital distribution. Designed with speed and efficiency in mind, Composer allows users to edit and stitch multiple clips to share across social accounts, websites and apps in seconds.

As audiences become increasingly mobile, the demand for social video has grown exponentially; it is now imperative to produce and share video in real time – the modern consumer is always-on, they want content right now, wherever they are. Grabyo Composer allows users to create professional social videos without the effort, complexity and inefficiencies of traditional editing software. At a time where being first to market matters more than ever, Composer is an essential tool to ensure your content is relevant, timely and stands out above the social noise.


Browser-based video editing made easy, for everyone.

Grabyo Composer puts video production and editing capabilities into the hands of every team member, regardless of previous video production and editing experience. Developed with an easy to use cloud-based interface, any member of your team can now edit highlight clips and social videos for immediate distribution.

Integrating seamlessly with existing Grabyo Studio features, Composer allows you to clip together videos from within Grabyo campaigns, including the addition of creative sets that support branded content and graphics, creating unique value for your sponsors and partners.


Streamline your team's workflow.

Built in the cloud and accessed via a web browser, Composer provides an efficient workflow enabling multiple users across different locations to collaborate and produce video packages, highlights and social edits. Composer will transform your digital production workflow, providing teams with the tools to activate content for multiple sponsors and audiences in seconds.

We are excited about this first release of Grabyo Composer, but this will quickly evolve to meet the complex needs of professional video editors – there is much, much more to come…

If you want to be amongst the first to use Grabyo Composer to add speed and efficiency to your team's video editing, production and distribution workflows please contact us here: or try Grabyo for yourself.

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