Grabyo partners with Billboard & The Hollywood Reporter

Grabyo partners with Billboard & The Hollywood Reporter

We've partnered with Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter to help create some exciting content for fans of award shows.

Using Grabyo, Billboard and the Hollywood Reporter have produced pre and post-live shows for various awards nights such as The Golden Globes, Grammys, Women in Music, Billboard Latin Music Awards and more. During these 1-2 hour shows, Billboard talked with celebrities and panelists to discuss topics of the night, which gives more to fans watching at home or on mobile.

Billboard also published over 500 social video clips during this year's annual Women in Entertainment event, and reached 1.5m YouTube views.

"Grabyo came into the mix when our team was looking for a way to post breakout clips to social platforms in real time, while the show was still going on, in order to drive viewership to our show, as well as to contribute and drive the conversation around the event itself. Using Grabyo, we've been able to maximize the social conversation around the events we host." – Jessie Whitman, Senior Live Video Producer at Billboard

The Billboard team uses Grabyo's Studio platform to create real-time clips of interviews, which are geared for each social channel. These clips are produced and published to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube during an event's live broadcast, when viewers are the most engaged.

Video clips engage viewers when they are delivered in the formats that social audiences expect. This focus on platform experience includes the need for vertical videos on Snap and Instagram Stories, as well as square videos on Twitter and Facebook. Pushing clips to social media in real-time also gives spectators the chance to comment and discuss events as they are happening, creating a highly interactive viewing experience.