Americas Digital News Round-Up

Americas Digital News Round-Up

Here are some of our favorite pieces of digital content from around the U.S. these past couple weeks.

It has been a fast-paced couple of weeks as more companies close their offices and have their entire staff work remotely. Sports federations are putting their seasons on hold, while numerous conferences and industry events are postponed indefinitely. It's a tough time for a lot of organizations and many are exploring how digital technologies can help them bring value to their teams, customers and fans amidst a sizable disruption to normal digital content workflows.


Localizing the news

On Tuesday, Univision News' Edición Digital did its part to share the US governments' efforts moving forward to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Using digital technologies, Univision added localized voice-over to President Trump's speech, dubbing it in Spanish.

Univision was able to deliver vital information about policies and new funding to address this pandemic to the entire Hispanic population in the US and abroad. Publishing the news to social channels like Facebook, where viewers can raccess, share and interact with the content in real-time is incredibly beneficial at a time like this – when news organizations need to reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.


The quiet debate

On March 15, the CNN/Univision Democratic Primary Debate was an eerily quiet one as social distancing recommendations called for a one-on-one debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, without a live audience present. Reacting quickly to the CDC's shifting best practices through this pandemic, the debate originally scheduled to take place in Phoenix, Arizona, but instead was held in a CNN television studio in Washington D.C.

With podiums set up 6 feet apart and only the essential personnel needed to produce the event onsite, this was not a typical presidential campaign production by any means. However, despite the lack of cheering we're used to from the crowd, this particular debate received high marks with CNN stating it was the most-watched event they have sponsored this cycle. By broadcasting to CNN and Univision's television channels, in addition to streaming the debate across CNN's website, mobile and OTT apps, the session drew almost 11 million viewers.


NBA home-access

The sports world has seen drastic changes these past few weeks with almost all sporting events coming to a halt. The NCAA canceled all championships including the highly anticipated March Madness. The NHL has put its season on pause and the NBA has suspended its season with multiple players confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19. The MLB also announced a suspension on Spring training and a delayed regular season, leaving fans wondering whether there will be a World Baseball Classic at all this year.

With social distancing protocols in effect, teams and players have taken to social media to reach their fans with engaging new and historic content. The NBA and Turner Sports teamed up to offer fans free access to full-length games and condensed game replays from this season, which can be watched until April 22 across the NBA's website, mobile and OTT channels, as well as other supported devices like Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


Brady leaves the Pats

Arguably the most notable news came directly from Tom Brady himself, when he announced his departure from the New England Patriots on his Instagram account, leaving after 20 years of dominance in the NFL. His reveal sparked unprecedented levels of reaction amongst colleagues and fans on social media everywhere. With over 1.2 million likes on Brady's Instagram post and 51.1 thousand retweets on Twitter, the impact that news brought to light on social channels can have in today's reality is quite apparent.


F1 goes virtual

Formula 1 and Veloce eSports partnered to bring racing fans an exciting and unique live racing experience after the Australian GP was canceled. The eSports event had a healthy mix of professional racers, eSports players and other sports personalities go head to head playing F1 2019. They streamed the entire race to YouTube with remote commentary from the players, reaching over 6,500 fans and receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback on the event. We expect to see many sports federations follow suit as fans long for new and lively content during this difficult period.


And that's the bottom line…

WWE has taken its wrestling matches behind closed doors – shutting down the arenas to the public but still making the fights available to watch live across TV, digital and social platforms.


Get in touch

As the need for remote live production in news, entertainment and sports expands, we expect to see a jump in the demand for robust digital content production tools like Grabyo. This allows for the creation of high-quality streams and interactive digital viewing experiences from any device that has access to the internet. With so many major events on a hiatus, it is crucial that audiences feel engaged now more than ever – and many are searching for ways to make this possible under the current circumstances.

Browser-based video platforms with advanced graphics capabilities, closed captioning, camera switching, remote commentary and live Q&As with anyone, anywhere in the world, are making this possible for teams working from home. If your team is looking for the tools to bring exciting live video content to fans without access to a production studio, email today.