2018 has been an exciting year for Grabyo and our partners.

In the last 12 months, Grabyo has delivered more than 500,000 videos across social, digital and OTT platforms generating more than 8.5bn video views.

Our partners have created over 516,000 clips and 18,000 live streams using Grabyo’s browser-based video production tools, registering over 33 billion social media impressions along the way.

Across the industry, we continue to see a migrational shift away from traditional linear TV viewing and rapid growth in mobile, social and OTT video consumption. Significant new video services have emerged this year, including the roll-out of Facebook Watch and IGTV from Instagram, which reflects the growing demand for digital-first video content in 2018.  Further opportunities exist for publishers capturing digital audiences with live streaming and near-live video content – especially for those watching on mobile devices.

Live streaming to social – it’s getting serious

Among the many sporting highlights of the year, the FIFA World Cup ranks highly for many fans. England’s run to the semi-finals captured the imagination of the country, supported by an all-new, live daily show on YouTube show called The Lion’s Den, produced by The FA and Grabyo!

The Lion’s Den was designed to connect England players more closely with fans than ever before, giving fans daily access to players inside England’s World Cup training camp. Almost all of the players appeared on the show, along with manager Gareth Southgate, answering fan questions and discussing their progress. Unlike a traditional TV broadcast, ‘The Lions Den’ was filmed in Russia but produced remotely by a small digital team in London. Using a combination of Grabyo and Singular.Live, the FA was able to produce a daily live broadcast from Russia with a team of just three on the ground.

Among other highlights was the annual Championships in Wimbledon with the All England Lawn and Tennis Club. This year, for the first time, the AELTC live streamed match coverage using ‘Visual Radio’ with Grabyo. Over 750,000 people tuned in to the audio-only streams on Facebook. Across the pond, Turner Sports enjoyed a productive NBA All-Star Weekend, creating over 2,000 clips and 15 live streams, providing basketball fans with a rich viewing experience of the event.

Consumers have shown great interest in live streaming experiences that add context and insight into events across sports, news, and entertainment. The NFL’s ‘NFL UK Sideline Live’ pre-game show was one of our favourites this year. The new format was streamed directly to social media before the 2018 international matches hosted in London, attracting over 110,000 viewers on Facebook alone. Real Madrid had another big year for social video including the live stream of their 13th Champions League victory celebrations, watched by over 14 million people on Facebook Live.

The Grabyo team was also proud to partner with Breast Cancer Care to live stream its annual fundraiser to Facebook, increasing awareness of the event and driving contributions through our integrated donation feature within Facebook Live.


Social media is moving from communications to entertainment

In 2018, consumers across the globe have been watching more social video than ever before. More than five billion videos are watched on YouTube each day, while 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s statement that Facebook would ‘become mostly video’ in the next five years is certainly on track.

Grabyo partners with all the leading social media platforms, and this was extended this year with the update to include Snapchat, ensuring our partners can deliver more content, optimized for multiple key platforms, to grow their online audiences.

Our most popular social media clip of this year was this audacious shot by Jordan Speith, skipping across the pond on the 16th hole at Augusta, which was watched by almost 15 million people. A great example of “pre-event” content driving huge engagement with fans and generating interest and attention in major sports properties – we expect to see much more of this as we move into 2019.

During 2018 the Grabyo platform was used to deliver a number of highly successful video campaigns in markets across the world. FOX Latin America used video to increase the reach of its news, sport and entertainment content on social media through Grabyo. In Asia, our work with Thai PBS helped the public broadcaster increase its social video views by 100 million on 2017, totalling over 730 million social video views in 2018.

Media companies of all types are finding real value in growing brand awareness, reach and monetization for social video clips through sponsorship and brand partnerships. Sponsors are actively searching for digital content partnerships, aware of the potential ROI on offer and the opportunity to reach a younger demographic which watches much less TV.

Despite the recent challenges in the sector we forecast that viewers will continue to increase the time they spend on social platforms through 2019. As Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat expand investments in long-form content, social and community-viewing will become the norm with advertising spend continuing to follow the growth in eyeballs and consumer engagement

What’s next for Grabyo?

Our mission at Grabyo is to build innovative products and services that meet the production and storytelling needs of our broad range of customers. We continue to innovate across our suite of services, ensuring partners have access to the tools they need to create engaging, relevant content.

Updates to the Grabyo platform this year include our partnership with Singular.Live to enable live graphics authoring and data visualizations for live streaming through Grabyo Producer; many of our partners have taken advantage of this integration to produce quality live streaming experiences, such as FOX Sports GO during the 2018 U.S Open.

Other updates to Grabyo Studio and Grabyo Producer delivered an FTP capability for secure management and transfer of valuable assets for organizations and an enhanced capability for high fidelity 1080p / 60FPS streaming for eSports.

Heading into 2019 we are excited to launch Grabyo Editor, an advanced, collaborative video editing tool. Grabyo Editor is a suite of browser-based editing tools for creating short video clips, highlights and social videos. Editor is cloud-based, easy to use and offers professional-quality editing and publishing without the need for specific hardware or software.

Global, yet local

The Grabyo offices have been busy this year on all fronts. We’ve grown our personnel in both the UK and US, as well as opening two new offices!

Our new office in Singapore is headed up by Grabyo Director of APAC, Elliot Renton. Elliot has continued to expand the reach of our platform and build the Grabyo brand across the Asia-Pacific region, launching services with major broadcasters such as Mediacorp and Thai PBS.

In the second half of 2018 we extended our reach into the southern hemisphere by opening a base in Australia. We see great opportunity in the market to drive value for broadcasters and premium rights holders in the country, such as our partnership this year with the Australian Football League.

Last but by no means least, we hosted our very first insights event in the U.S in November. An evening of networking, drinks and a panel discussion in Midtown, New York. The event was hosted by Mike Kelley, Grabyo President of the Americas with a insights session from leading execs from  DAZN, La Liga and Snap on the future of digital video content in the United States. We thoroughly enjoyed the night and very much look forward to the next one!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Grabyo, please get in touch at hello@grabyo.com. We look forward to more success in 2019!

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