How to generate new revenue with Facebook branded video

How to generate new revenue with Facebook branded video

Social video is the fastest growing segment of the marketing and social media industries. Leading brands and publishers focus on brand-driven social video ad campaigns.

Tubular Insights has recently shared the Top Facebook Publishers August 2016, which includes only creators and brands that focus on original content publishing. The top 10 companies listed below totaled more than 13 billion Facebook video views in one month.

Facebook branded video top 10

Facebook branded video top 10

Revenues from pre-roll/post-roll videos, in-stream ads, product placement, sponsorship and branding partnerships are commonplace on television, websites and mobile apps, but less so for social platforms.

That revenue is now here.

Facebook branded video is effective

Back in August we launched a new feature for Grabyo customers that supports Facebook branded content as a new way of monetising social video. This feature enables verified Facebook publishers to tag sponsors and brand partners for clips and live streams. Brand attribution is delivered automatically, subject to Facebook Branded Content Policies, and sponsor partners can access data and analytics for all branded content posts.

Facebook’s policy change and this new feature is a good opportunity for branded content initiatives and big brands are already allocating marketing resources for this purpose.

The Wall Street Journal has recently shown how Microsoft and other brands have already allocated budget for branding video content on Facebook through the partnership with Mic Bright (Mic Has a Way For Advertisers to Sponsor Editorial Videos on Facebook – WSJ).

Earlier this month, our partner BT Sport has exploited this new opportunity showing a real-time sponsored clip to 163,000 Facebook users during a Leicester game in the UEFA Champions League.

Branded video overlay sponsorship

Branded video: overlay sponsorship

Using the Grabyo platform The English Football Team used Facebook branded content to share clips from the England Women’s team. One video generated more than 200,000 views, proving valuable brand exposure for the Official England Team Sponsor, Vauxhall, that was tagged in the post.

The Grabyo promise: making Facebook branded video simple

At Grabyo our mission is to make video live streaming, editing and sharing simple and accessible by everyone; our users don’t need previous video editing experience and all services are available in the cloud, via a web browser and our mobile apps.

With this in mind our video engineers have implemented the Facebook branded content feature for our cloud-platform Grabyo Studio and Mobile apps (iOS / Android).

You can watch a brief overview of how Facebook Branded content works within Grabyo by clicking on the video below:

To learn more about how Grabyo can optimise any of your video content for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat, including vertical editing, TRY GRABYO now.