A day with #TeamGrabyo

A day with #TeamGrabyo

Marcello Fabiano, Grabyo's business development lead for Australia & New Zealand, walks us through his typical day.

Tell us about yourself

People call me “Cello” for short… yes, like the instrument! Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, I’ve always been involved in either the tech start-up or media agency scene. I have a real passion for sport, which led me to work in London and Manchester for a number of years at one of the world’s largest social media agencies.

I consider myself more of a “content guy” with experience in sports publishing for millennial audiences, and a love for storytelling.

When I’m not on my laptop at a local cafe sipping on an almond flat white, you’ll find me at the beach, playing football with mates, or trying to organise another karaoke night!

What is your role at Grabyo?

It has been an amazing first six months leading business development for both the Australian and New Zealand markets. I spend each day understanding the video and content strategies of a diverse range of sports, entertainment and news clients, aligning Grabyo’s capabilities to help them achieve their objectives.

The ANZ market is still in its infancy for live video. The media landscape, especially in sports, is not like any other in the world. There is immense pressure mounting on decision makers to deliver better social and digital experiences for audiences.

What does a typical day look like to you?

Living in Sydney, you have the luxury of sunny mornings, so it is tempting to start the day outside with either a run on the beach or gym session. If I don't have my almond flat white before I attack my emails there can be trouble!

Most days I’ll be in Sydney CBD meeting clients or attending conferences, although I do find myself in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth at least once a month. Tuning in for sales calls and strategy meetings with the Grabyo UK and US teams at 2AM can be challenging though!

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I love people and I love helping them solve problems! Grabyo allows me to do both of those within an interesting and disruptive industry. The current Grabyo roadmap makes me excited to speak to all these innovators across ANZ to come up with new ways of breaking traditional methods within broadcast and publishing.

How has Grabyo helped you advance in your career?

The knowledge and experience gained from working with some of the largest broadcasters, publishers and brands is priceless. The Grabyo team are both passionate and knowledgeable, helping me to challenge my understanding of the future of video and live broadcast.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

There are probably three main pieces of advice which have stuck with me for my whole career:

– Always back yourself
– Respect everyone, and never burn any bridges
– Don't sweat the small stuff, and if it's big then chances are you’re already dead!

Finally, it’s lunchtime – where would you be found?

Anywhere which serves a decent Sushi! Arigatou!