Germain Souquet, Lead Front-End Engineer at Grabyo, describes a typical day in the office.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Germain Souquet, I am from France and I have been living in London for about five years. Away from work, you will find me at live music events, skating around the city or binge-watching TV shows.

My biggest passion has been coding and development ever since I was a teenager. I have always been curious about technology and fascinated by the web.

I started by building a Web TV about 8 pool, amongst many other websites, before going on to study web development and multimedia at University to start a career out of my passion.

What is your role at Grabyo?

I joined Grabyo as a front-end engineer 5 years ago, before moving on to lead the front-end development team. I now report to the CTO and oversee the platform’s front-end.

Day to day, I mentor team members, ensure that we have consistency in our codebase, and organise the team so we can collaborate effectively. We value communication highly so the whole team works together very closely, be it back-end, front-end, or operations.

Right now, Grabyo is growing fast, so recruitment is quite high up in my list of priorities. We have set the bar high for engineering and development so I’m talking to a lot of very talented people.

What does a typical day look like to you?

It will always start with a cup of coffee (black, no sugar) while reading through my Twitter feed to keep myself up to date.

A big chunk of my time will then be dedicated to research and development, preparing for our upcoming features by planning sprints, pair programming, and reviewing code before shipping it to production.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

In the past few years, our web platform has greatly evolved due to changes in standardisation groups and browser vendors. Working at Grabyo, I have the chance to experiment and then implement cutting edge features in our platform, such as Picture-in-Picture, Canvas with WebGL or the Web Audio API, which is really exciting.

We have recently started working on open source projects, and I couldn’t be more excited to contribute back to this amazing community.

How has Grabyo helped you advance as an Engineer?

I was lucky to join Grabyo quite early on in the business, as an early start-up. I have experienced the different phases of growth, and the various challenges and opportunities that come with it, which has helped me to progress my skills both inside and outside of engineering.

Coming from a front-end background I had not been exposed to video engineering nor cloud platforms. Being surrounded by such a wide variety of engineers has helped me discover a lot more problematics, and expand my knowledge base.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Be the help you wish you’d had”

This really resonated with me. Web development is a constantly evolving field and it can be quite daunting especially when you’re new to it.

At Grabyo we have a big focus on growing engineers that are working with us, and I will always try to share the knowledge I have while trying to learn as much as I can from others.

Finally, it’s lunchtime – where would you be found?

At Yalla Yalla eating a lamb shawarma wrap!

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